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Friday, January 9, 2015

{ Fun Pink Pieces to add to your closet }

Monday, January 5, 2015

A little sick of red? Move it on over and shift to a close friend... pink!

Fun Pink Pieces

{ Found my favorite Plaid Shirt }

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Got a sitter and hit the mall with the husband last night to get some christmas shopping done. Gotta say, i am liking this shirt. Not sure why i was tipping my hat at him, must've been the mojito.

{ Great Gifts on Minou Kids }

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I am so excited to be featured on MinouKids as one of their favorite stylists. Their site features some of the best and  most unique brands that make coolest clothing for kids. Everything down to the packaging is adorable and i get so excited when my orders arrive.

Head to their site to check out MILKSHOP'S top 12 picks (sneak peek below) and use code THANKFUL to receive free shipping. I am dying to get Mini Rodini's Pug Dress on my girls!!!
Minou Favorites //

{ I'm hooked. I'm Lash Crazy }

Monday, November 24, 2014

Holy *Bleeeep. Complete game changer ladies. I got eyelash extensions and I am hooked!

Last week I went to Body Beautiful of NY in Mt. Kisco to get eyelash extensions. I was greeted by Gineann Creaney, a beautiful and oh so cool chick who is ridiculously good at giving you those Bette Davis eyes.

I have to admit I was always curious about eyelash extensions but I HATE hi-maintenance anything so I stayed away from the idea of getting them. I don't have the time and patience to fiddle around trying to get ready in the morning with something that is going to take more energy to fix, twist, curl etc. But I was wrong, this actually saves me time because I don't need to put on eye makeup now.

From the moment I met Gineann she welcomed me with a big smile and made me feel comfortable. She walked me through her retro chic salon and got me settle into a room.  She then asked what kind of look I wanted and proceeded to take a look at what she had to work with (my lashes have been falling out since having the baby). She also explained to me why Body Beautiful of NY is the go to place to get your eyelash extensions done.

* They use top quality products to apply your lashes. Nova lash has been rated the healthiest glue on the market for years!
* They spend extra time consulting with their clients and utilize a large selection of lashes to make sure the service is customized for the clients desired look. There are over 50 different types of lashes to chose from.
* All of their stylists go through an extensive amount of training to make sure that each set is perfect. Gineann has developed her own technique over the past 9 years and makes sure all her girls know that technique through and through.

The whole procedure took about an hour and half. I was able to just lay there, relax and chit chat with her. I couldn't wait to see the final results and once I did I kept finding myself batting my eyes at the mirror! Lol. Check out the before and after shots below...

I am so happy with how natural and how lo maintenance they are that I am going to keep them up.

Bottom line is you have to go to Body Beautiful of NY to go get these done. You will not regret it and you will look extra fab for all your holiday festivities. Plus if you say you found out about them thru Milkshop, they will give you 15% off all after care Lash Products (cleaner, liner, eyeshadow and mascara from Nova Lash).

Check them out! sorry for the funny selfie but I didn't know how else for you to see them lol!

{ Friday Finds: Southwestern Sweaters }

Friday, November 21, 2014

I am a sucker for a Navajo / Southwestern sweater print. It's on the same level as my love for plaid. I saw a friend of mine the other night who looked awesome in her maxi cardigan (Meg wink wink) and it got me thinking... "i think i need to refresh my sweater collection." wow did i find a bunch to choose from! best part is... they are from Forever 21 so beyond affordable not to mention cute AND if you sign up to get their emails you get 20% off your order today only. Get'em while they last!!!!

Friday Finds: Southwestern Sweaters

tan & grey sweater

frickin freezing outside! but here's how i'm wearing mine :) Happy friday!

{ Sequin Dresses for the Holidays }

Friday, November 14, 2014

I am not even close to being able to stuff myself into a fitted dress (post par tum baby body sucks!) but I can look at all my friends and clients prance around in them! I absolutely LOVE sequin dresses for the holidays. They are instantly fancy & you can always dress them down a bit with a leather jacket or booties. Plus you don't need jewelery because you already have enough shimmer going on. Below are some of my current favorites, mostly under $150 with some exceptions.

Sequins Dresses for the Holidays

top row : black long sleeved $110 // jungle sequin $98 // emerald green velvet $33 // v-neck silver $168 // v-neck black $172

bottom row: a- line skater $30 // emerald green tank dress $119 // neon and silver dress $160 // cranberry long sleeved $100 // navy sleeveless dress $28

I've had these dresses for years now and still love to wear them! Sequins never go out of style!

{ Congrats!!!! }

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Please email me at maritzabernard@gmail.com so i can send you your gift card :)


Monday, November 3, 2014

It has been 2 months since the birth of our little Leo and to say that I have been a tad bit busy has been an understatement. I've had 3 sick kids for a week now, clients lined up for the end of November, Thanksgiving to plan and then there's setting up our Christmas card photo (thanks Melissa SC!) ... Phew! Still, the excitement for the approaching holidays is hi in our house.

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is walking to the mailbox and seeing it filled with our friends and families holiday cards. I leave them in a basket on our coffee table so that my kids can go through them. They really really love and enjoy looking at every one of them and we find ourselves chatting about the families we are looking at.

In the past few years I have ordered my cards from a couple of online card sellers but minted.com is hands down my favorite. They are quick, completey priced and have GREAT customer service. Last Christmas when I received my cards they seemed a tad but on the yellow side and when i called in to talk to them about it, they said they would reprint them immediately at no charge. I was so happy and even more surprised when they were at my doorstep 2 days later. So this year without a doubt I will be ordering our minted christmas cards in the next few weeks :)

Below are a few styles that I have used in the past and ones that I am checking out for this year. Make sure you cruise over and check their designs out! Can't wait to see everyones!


{ How to Layer Clothing for Fall }

Wednesday, September 3, 2014